WOW!!! To hear that this brother didn’t know if his Dad was still alive brings back memories when I found out the my father was still alive as well and it was like a couple of days after I had prayed to God and ask him, and I said ” I wonder Lord if my father is still alive, then believe it or not I found, my sister called me and told me I have some good news and bad news.”

She said, I found out that our Dad is still alive and two he is dying of cancer. This blew me away but I knew it was a way for me to at least make peace in my spirit with my Dad. So, I had a chance to go back to Chicago, Il. before he died and talked spent time with him and me sister Denise.

I didn’t have any anger in me because years ago, in my second year of college I had a chance to meet him, which was back in 1984. So, meeting him in 2007, before he died, was a since of peace.
Not only did I get a chance see him, but I also was able to help lay him to rest at the home going celebration (funeral).

Even though he wasn’t there for us my entire life, once again I am peace with myself and with him. I am thankful that God gave me the opportunity to see him once again before he died.