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The next time you are angry and want to give someone a piece of yo’ mind, or even get violent, try doing this, “Take A Deep Breath”. This may seem simple and even elementary, but even your top therapist like Dr. Leonard Ingram suggest this also as a step to help you, step back from the situation, to calm down, allow oxygen to flow to the brain which by the way stops flowing at the normal rate when you are anger, think about whats going on, and STOP, THINK before making a silly mistake the could hurt either yourself or someone else, even cause you to do jail time.

Anger is an emotion and once you get this emotion under control then you can make a wise decision while experiencing tension or conflict. You will be amazed at how taking a deep breath can help you out in so many ways while you are in a heated discussion or if you feel tension building inside of you due to something someone said about you or did to you.

The reason for Taking a Deep Breath is to way out if this is really worth you losing your cool over. Ask your self do i try to save face for the sake of my pride or ego being damaged, or do you say to your self I will not step down to this persons level of immaturity. Sure, i will admit there are times you have to stand your ground and let the other person know you are not afraid, but you can also do that by being silent and not saying a word. As a matter of fact sometimes the other person becomes more afraid when you are silent because they don’t know how you are feeling or what you are planning on doing. Remember, when the tension builds up just take a deep breath and allow time to relax and ask your self a few important quick questions and move forward to making a mature decision.


Til next time peace,


John W Rhodes is the creator of SKATEBOARD TEACHING ANGER MANAGEMENT PORTAL (S.T.A.M.P.) from New Book & DVD: other info.: LifeCoach & Author.