Are you looking for an anger management conflict tool or system that will help you make positive changes in your life, students, child or people you care about? When it comes to controlling anger and emotions I believe WIT4LIFE is one of the aides that can be used in addition to professional and legal anger management treatment. This is not a one fits all solution for anger control, but an additional resource to help in gaining authority over your emotions.

WIT4 Life is a cutting edge anger management strategy that can be effective at all age levels.
This WIT4LIFE is about meeting our children and youth where they are and getting down to their level. So, often we as therapist forget that they have minds that drift off into this world of imagination and really don’t want to face the reality that they “lose it” some times and fall into a rage for little reason. However, what if we could meet our children and youth right where they are, what I call “Where They Are” then I believe we would see a very different response from them. What if we could use music that they can relate to, to do therapy and show them ager management techniques? What is we could ride a bike and do trick flips and teach them about self-esteem while at the same time helping them decrease depression without medicine? What if we can just draw pictures and suddenly they begin to open to us a whole new world we never knew they knew about, let alone we did not know existed period.

You see cutting edge is not about using cutting edge technology or new age techniques, or even trying to get the child’s praise or acceptance, cutting edge is about “Meeting them where they are and being more concerned about their needs then our own”. WIT4LIFE is about this, seeing how I as a grown man, attempt to relate no matter how foolish, childish, or un-orthodox, or non-tradition my therapy may seem, the question is at the end of my session or the end of the day, did I reach that child? Did I say something or do something that will cause them to think twice before they attempt to make a wrong move, lose their cool, call someone out of their name, or simple fight and go into a rage.

I know we can’t all always use methods that are out the box, but do we attempt to explore other ways that can possibly work. After all, we have the present techniques because someone was willing to say, “I wonder what would happen if I use this approach?” Selah.